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Stephan Nebauer

Consultant/Researcher, Fraunhofer IPA

Working with the codesphere team for about a year now, very quick to start with and great developer experience. Bonus points for the amazing support☺️


Christoph Zöller

Co-Founder & CEO, Instaffo

Great solution for everybody who does not want to deal with the complexity of kubernetes, but still scale with a great developer experience


Daniela Faßbach

Digital Product Manager

Exactly the tool we were looking for: reliable and above all easily scalable hosting with excellent support.


Laduram Vishnoi


Codesphere is incredible . We use them to run most of our services.


Vinusha N

IT Consultant

Love the platform, it‘s easy to use and the support is great if you have any questions!


Johannes Hötter

Co-Founder, Kern AI

Big fan of Codesphere. Been using their web IDE in the early days, and excited about how simple deploying and testing scalable apps is via their solution!


Suyash Adhikari

Startup enthusiast, AI,ML,Web/Mobile

Codesphere looks promising in this space. Providing more specific information about supported frameworks and highlighting unique features would enhance its appeal to developers. Overall, Codesphere offers a convenient and efficient solution for web app development.


José Velez

Founder & CEO,

Big fan of Codesphere! They are building a product with remarkable capabilities that enhance engineering efficiency [...]. One standout feature is their feature previews, promising in speeding up our feedback cycles. What sets Codesphere apart is their incredible team [...]. Kudos to the entire Codesphere team for their outstanding work! 🚀


Alexandre Lehr

Co-Founder & CEO, ONINO

Deploys fast, looks great, and is easy to use - I can only recommend it!


Johannes Linowski

Co-Founder & CTO, Foodly

Innovative approach and a very talented and hands-on team. A promising rising alternative to Vercel. Keep up the good work!

All features you need in
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Deploy in under 5s

Check out your code, then run it directly from our Cloud IDE.


Review Faster

Spawn the fastest Preview Environments ad-hoc or for every Pull-Request. Enjoy smooth Reviews on a live clone of your Production Environment or in our collaborative Cloud IDE See Docs


Test More Often

The future of cloud is developer experience. Creating custom Ci pipelines in Codesphere is easy! Save time for every deployment, minimize room for error and get to market faster.


Scale Globally

Without having to learn kubernetes or docker. As easy as Serverless without all the limitations.


Unified Observability

Integrated monitoring & alerting keep you up to date with your apps. No additional tools needed.


A/B Test Everything

Compare entire components with a few clicks. Achieving data driven improvements for your UX has never been easier.

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tools, have peace
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